Meetings 2010-2018

A summary of meetings held 2010-2018:

Wed 12 Dec 2018 ‘Christmas Party’ Presented By Committee
Traditional readings, music, presents, raffle and supper.
Wed 21 Nov 2018 ‘Mind the Movement’ Presented By Veronica Delafosse
Wed 17 Oct 2018 ‘Dickens and Horses’ Presented By Andrew Gemmell
Wed 19 Sep 2018 ‘Some aspects of London when Dickens was just 21 years old’ Presented by Trevor Morton
Includes Annual General Meeting
Wed 15 Aug 2018 ‘Venice in Shakespeare, Jonson and Dickens’ Presented By Alan Dilnot
Wed 18 July 2018 ‘President’s Night’ Presented By Dennis Marriott
A look at the many London residences Dickens lived in and the inspiration they gave his work.
Wed 20 June 2018 ‘Fathers and Daughters’ Presented By Patricia Wiltshire
Wed 16 May 2018 ‘Miss Wade’ Presented By Alan Dilnot
Wed 18 Apr 2018 ‘Prisons’ Presented By Nita Jawary
Wed 21 Mar 2018 ‘Introduction to Little Dorrit’ Presented By Elisabeth Neales
With an array of talented readers Elisabeth led us through of our Book of the Year
Fri 9 Feb 2018 ‘206th Birthday Commemoration Dinner’ Presented By Committee
Guest Speaker: Kenneth W. Park on The Grand Tour
Wed 13 Dec 2017 ‘Christmas Party’ Presented By Committee
Traditional readings, music and supper. Christmas presents and raffle.
Wed 15 Nov 2017 ‘The influence of Dickens on some other authors’ Presented By Patricia Wiltshire
Wed 18 Oct 2017 ‘Mothers in Dickens’ Presented By Eileen Nelson, Elisabeth Neales, Elna Estcourt, and Nita Jawary
Wed 20 Sep 2017 ‘Shopping’ Presented By Margaret Leonard
Includes AGM, Elections and Presentation of The Charles Dickens Prize from the Ormond Butler Bequest
Wed 16 Aug 2017 ‘Dickens at the seaside’  Presented By Alan Dilnot; Nominations for Office Bearers and Committee
Wed 19 Jul 2017 ‘President’s Night’  Presented By Elna Estcourt
Wed 21 Jun 2017 ‘Charles Dickens: finding a home in Australia’ Presented By Guest Speaker: Jack Tan
Wed 17 May 2017 ‘The Two-fold Solution to the Mystery of Edwin Drood’ Presented By Alan Dilnot
Wed 19 April 2017 ‘History of Criminals in Crime Fiction’ Presented By Lyndsey Burton
Wed 15 Mar 2017 ‘Introduction to The Mystery of Edwin Drood’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
With an array of talented readers Elisabeth led us through the basics of our Book of the Year
Fri 10 Feb 2017 ‘Birthday Dinner’ Presented By Committee
This was our first dinner at the Faichney Room, Toorak Uniting Church, and was very enjoyable, included fine wines, food and excellent company.
Guest Speaker: Judith Rodriguez
Wed 14 Dec 2016 ‘Christmas Party’  Presented By Committee
Traditional Readings, Music and Supper. Christmas Presents and Raffles
Wed 14 Nov 2016 ‘Architecture in Dickens’s time’ Presented By Guest Speaker: Kenneth Park
Wed 19 Oct 2016 ‘Disability and Ability in the Works of Dickens’ Presented By Nita Jawary
Wed 21 Sep 2016 ‘Issues from Our Mutual Friend’ Presented By Committee
The Value of Rubbish by Shirley Anderson and Carmel Hurst. Rivers and Gardens in Dickens’s Time by Ann Ruck.
Includes AGM, Elections and Presentation of The Charles Dickens Prize from the Ormond Butler Bequest
Wed 17 Aug 2016 ‘Dickens’s Contemporaries’  Presented By Committee
Dickens’s Literary Contemporaries by John Leonard. Dickens’s Scientific Contemporaries by Trevor Morton. Nominations for Office Bearers and Committee
Wed 20 Jul 2016 ‘President’s Night’  Presented By Elna Estcourt
Whatever takes the fancy of our president.
Wed 15 Jun 2016 ‘The Life and Death of Mr. Bradley Headstone’  Presented By Alan Dilnot
A reading, adapted from Our Mutual Friend
Wed 18 May 2016 ‘Deadly Tales’  Presented By Committee
Capital Punishment by Sue Prior.
Victorian Funerals by James Howard.
Wed 20 Apr 2016 ‘ River Stories’  Presented By Committee
Melbourne Colonists and Dickens by Pat and Ron Amor. Henley on Thames by Dennis Marriott.
Wed 16 Mar 2016 ‘Introduction to Our Mutual Friend’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
Elisabeth’s readers reminded us of our book of the year. This was our first meeting at our new venue – The Faichney Room, Toorak Uniting Church, 603 Toorak Rd.
Fri 05 Feb 2016 ‘Birthday Dinner’  Presented By Committee
This was our last function at the ESU and was very enjoyable, included fine wines, food and excellent company. Guest Speaker: Barry Dickins
Wed 09 Dec 2015 ‘Christmas Party’  Presented By Committee
Traditional readings, music and supper. Christmas presents.
Wed 18 Nov 2015 ‘London in Verse and Prose’  Presented By Alan Dilnot
How the great city is represented by various authors
Wed 21 Oct 2015 ‘Characters in Dickens’  Presented By Andrew Gemmell
Members presented a favourite character and explain how Dickens portrayed them
Wed 16 Sep 2015 ’19th Century Homes and Gardens’  Presented By : A group of members
Presented by 3 members as part of the Dickens and his World series: Dickens Domiciles, by Elna Estcourt, Victorian Gardens, by Ann Ruck, The Victorian Industrial City: Leeds, by Margaret Leonard. Coordination by Lyndsey Burton. This meeting includes the AGM and elections for 2016
Wed 19 Aug 2015 ‘Nicholas Nickleby on page, stage and film’  Presented By Patricia Wiltshire
Patricia will give an account of the varied versions of our book of the year
Wed 15 Jul 2015 ‘Love, Lust and Lechery’  Presented By Brian Ruck
Brian’s survey of Dickens’s delvings into the 3Ls
Wed 17 Jun 2015 ‘Health Practices in the 19th Century’  Presented By Lyndsey Burton
Three of our members will present as part of the Dickens and his World series: Health Practices by Jean Cotter; The Pox by Margaret Leonard; Dentistry by Gerald Toffler
Wed 20 May 2015 ‘Actors and Acting in the Time of Dickens’  Presented By Frances Hutson
Frances, an experienced actor, will talk about one of Dickens’s greatest passions
Wed 15 Apr 2015 ‘From Mr. Squeers to the Brothers Cheeryble’  Presented By Alan Dilnot
Running a business in Nicholas Nickleby.
Wed 18 Mar 2015 ‘Introduction to Nicholas Nickleby’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
Our Secretary, with an array of talented readers, will lead you through the basics of our Book of the Year
Fri 06 Feb 2015 ‘Birthday Dinner’  Presented By Committee
Guest Speaker is Richard Burman, Past President of the Victorian Drama League. In keeping with our book of the year his topic will be: Theatre
Wed 10 Dec 2014 ‘Christmas Party’  Presented By Committee
Traditional Readings, Music, Games and Supper. Christmas presents and Raffle
Wed 19 Nov 2014 ‘Guest Speaker’  Presented By Barry Fry
An evening about Elizabeth Fry by one of her descendants, our beloved song-smith Barry Fry.
Wed 15 Oct 2014 ‘Dickens and Women’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
Elisabeth with Margaret and John Leonard perform their popular presentation
Wed 17 Sep 2014 ‘Art and Dickens’  Presented By Nita Jawary
Art related to Dickens and his work
Wed 20 Aug 2014 ‘When Pip rode on a sheep’s back’  Presented By John Calderwood
How Magwitch made his fortune in Australia. Also: Nominations for Office Bearers and Committee
Wed 16 Jul 2014 ‘Dickens and his world’  Presented By Lyndsey Burton
Members present shorter pieces on a theme related to Dickens: 1. The Railways by Trevor Morton 2. Weak, Wet and Woolly Women by Carmel Hurst 3. The River Thames in Our Mutual Friend and Great Expectations by Ann Douglas 4. An A to Z of the Victorian Pharmacapoeia by Deb Rhodes
Wed 18 Jun 2014 ‘President’s Night’  Presented By Andrew Gemmell
Humour within & without Dickens
Wed 21 May 2014 ‘When I went to Lunnon Town’  Presented By Alan Dilnot
When I went to LunnonTown sirs, wasn’t I done very brown sirs
Wed 16 Apr 2014 ‘The Case for Mr. Jaggers’  Presented By John Calderwood
John, a lawyer himself, will discuss this most misunderstood individual.
Wed 19 Mar 2014 ‘Introduction to Great Expectations’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
Elisabeth and a group of readers will introduce our book of the year
Fri 07 Feb 2014 ‘Dickens Birthday Dinner’  Presented By Committee
Emeritus Professor John Hirst is the guest speaker at our annual (tickets only) event. His topic: Convicts and the Transportation System in line with our book of the year Great Expectations
Wed 11 Dec 2013 ‘Christmas Party’  Presented By Committee
Our annual Christmas celebration, carols, gifts, raffles, games and great goodwill.
Wed 20 Nov 2013 ‘Colonial Dickens’  Presented By Susan Martin & Kylie Mirmohamadi
The authors of the recently published book “Colonial Dickens” discuss their work.
Wed 16 Oct 2013 ‘Dickens the Traveller’  Presented By Margaret & John Leonard
Dickens travels in Europe and elsewhere.
Wed 18 Sep 2013 ‘No Thoroughfare’  Presented By Alan Dilnot
An account of one of Dickens’s lesser known works. Including AGM and elections
Wed 21 Aug 2013 ‘Away With Melancholy: Songs in Dickens’  Presented By Eileen Nelson
Sing along with Eileen
Wed 17 Jul 2013 ‘Drawing Dickens: The Later Illustrators’  Presented By Dennis Marriott
An examination of the work of the artists who illustrated Dickens’s later works.
Wed 19 Jun 2013 ‘President’s night: Humour in Dickens’  Presented By Andrew Gemmell
Members present their favourite Dickens funny bits
Wed 15 May 2013 ‘Humour in Sketches by Boz’  Presented By Lyndsey Burton
Concentrating particularly on the lighter Sketches
Wed 17 Apr 2013 ‘The Impact of Sketches by Boz’  Presented By Alan Dilnot
An account of the public’s reception of our work of the year.
Wed 20 Mar 2013 ‘Introduction to Sketches by Boz’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
Concentrating on the Sketches under the subtitle of: “The Tales”
Fri 08 Feb 2013 ‘Annual ticketed event’  Presented By Melbourne Dickens Fellowship
The 201st birthday of the celebrated author. Guest Speaker: Nich Hudson of Hudson Publishing on “The Changing Face of Publishing”
Wed 12 Dec 2012 ‘Christmas Party’
Wed 21 Nov 2012 ‘Dickens and William Howitt’  Presented By Dr. Grace Moore
Dr. Grace Moore from the University of Melbourne will present a talk on William Howitt’s journalism for Charles Dickens
Wed 17 Oct 2012 ‘Dickens & The Theatre: Part 2’  Presented By John Leonard
Wed 19 Sep 2012 ‘George Silverman’s Explanation’  Presented By Alan Dilnot
incl AGM & Elections
Wed 15 Aug 2012 ‘Leisure Pursuits in the Countryside in the time of Dickens’  Presented By see below
Country leisure pursuits with reference to The Old Curiosity Shop.Punch and Judy…..Pat Amor
The Races……….Sue Prior
Waxworks shows…..Eileen Nelson
Children’s Games…Lyndsey Burton also:
Nominations for Office Bearers & Committee
Wed 18 Jul 2012 ‘New Members’ Night’
Wed 20 Jun 2012 ‘President’s Night’  Presented By Brian Ruck
Wed 16 May 2012 ‘Playing Miss Havisham’  Presented By Helen Moulder
Wed 18 Apr 2012 ‘The Old Curiosity Shop: Outlaws and In-Laws’  Presented By Alan Dilnot
Wed 21 Mar 2012 ‘Introduction to The Old Curiosity Shop’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
Fri 10 Feb 2012 ‘Dickens Birthday Weekend’
Friday 10th February 2.00pm Trinity College Library, Melbourne University. Tour of the Dickens CollectionSaturday 11th February Dickens Bicentenary Dinner: 6.30 for 7.00pm at University House, University of Melbourne. Guest Speaker Dr. Barry Jones AO (Ticketed event)Sunday 12th February 2.00pm at the English Speaking Union: Characters from Dickens. Presented by the Theatre of the Winged Unicorn
Wed 14 Dec 2011 ‘Christmas Party’
Readings, Music, Supper; and more
Sun 11 Dec 2011 ‘Lunch with Lillian’  Presented By Professor Lillian Nayder
Professor Lillian Nayder, who is professor of English at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, USA, has written a biography of Catherine Dickens, called “The Other Dickens, a Life Of Catherine Hogarth”. Professor Nayder will be visiting Melbourne in December and we have arranged a barbeque lunch on Sunday December 11th to welcome her. After lunch, she will talk to us about the biography, the challenges she faced in reconstructing Mrs Dickens’ life and the discoveries that helped her to meet these challenges. Andrew Gemmell and Lyndsey Burton have very generously offered their homes as the venue for this event. We do urge our members to put the date in their diaries, as it should be a very interesting and enjoyable occasion.
Wed 16 Nov 2011 ‘Petticoats & Waistcoats’  Presented By Elna Estcourt
Wed 19 Oct 2011 ‘Dickens on both sides of the footlights’  Presented By John Leonard
Wed 21 Sep 2011 ‘Readings from American Literature’  Presented By David Chandler (Co-ordinator)
This is also the night of our AGM & Elections.
Sat 20 Aug 2011  Presention By Adelphi Players
Wed 17 Aug 2011 ‘President’s Night’  Presented By Brian Ruck
Whatever treat our president decides to engage for us.
Wed 20 Jul 2011 ‘Three Eminent Victorians’  Presented By Margaret Leonard (Co-ordinator)
Wed 15 Jun 2011 ‘Dickens and America’  Presented By Andrew Gemmell & Lyndsey Burton
The joys and disappointments of Dickens’s two visits to the USA
Wed 18 May 2011 ‘Katie’  Presented By Lucinda Hawksley
A Special Meeting at which Lucinda Hawksley, Dickens’s great great great granddaughter, will speak about her researches into the life of Dickens’s daughter Katie. Lucinda Hawksley is an art historian and author of “Lizzie Siddal: The Tragedy of a Pre-Raphaelite Supermodel”, and of “Katie, the Life and Loves of Dickens’s Artist Daughter” “
Wed 06 Apr 2011 ‘Money & Murder’  Presented By Dr Alan Dilnot
Money & murder in Martin Chuzzlewit
Wed 16 Mar 2011 ‘Introduction to Martin Chuzzlewit’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
Elisabeth will give us an introduction to the characters, situations and plotlines of this year’s featured book.
Sun 27 Feb 2011 ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’  Presented By Julian Clarke
Members & their guests only presentation of the BBC adaption, starring Paul Schofield. Should you wish to attend but are not a member, please contact the society by email.
Fri 11 Feb 2011 ‘Dickens & Midwifery’  Presented By Dr Sonia Allen
Annual birthday dinner, with guest speaker Dr Sonia Allen. This meeting is not a normal monthly meeting & tickets must be bought in advance.
Wed 08 Dec 2010 ‘Christmas Party’
Wed 17 Nov 2010 ‘Dickens’ Minor Characters’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
Wed 20 Oct 2010 ‘Hearing the Chimes’  Presented By Dr Alan Dilnot
An insight into The Chimes.
Wed 15 Sep 2010 ‘AGM & New Members’ Night’
Annual General Meeting followed by readings chosen & read by members who have joined during the last 2 or 3 years.
Wed 18 Aug 2010 ‘President’s Night’  Presented By Brian Ruck
Whatever fancy takes our illustrious president.
Wed 21 Jul 2010 ‘Another Twist on Oliver’  Presented By Julian Clarke
So you think you know the story of ‘Oliver Twist’?
Wed 16 Jun 2010 ‘Naughty Boys and Nasty Boys’  Presented By Eileen Nelson
An amusing & insightful talk about he different levels of misbehaviour by Dickens’ young males.
Wed 19 May 2010 ‘Food, Glorious Food’  Presented By Margaret Leonard
An insight to food in the 19th Century (no recipes or food supplied).
Wed 21 Apr 2010 ‘Poor Laws’  Presented By Andrew Gemmell & Lindsey Burton
An overview of the Poor Laws and their relation to the Workhouse and Oliver Twist.
Wed 17 Mar 2010 ‘Introduction To Oliver Twist’  Presented By Elisabeth Neales
An introduction to the story and characters in ‘Oliver Twist’.