Join the Melbourne Dickens Fellowship


Membership benefits include:

  • reduced rate for the Birthday Dinner (February)
  • attendance at monthly meetings (March to December)
  • The Dickens Newsletter via password protected links on our website
  • access to the Melbourne Dickens Fellowship special library
  • invitation to participate in social activities

Rates: Individual (AUD$30); Family (AUD$50)

If joining after February: Individual (AUD$15); Family (AUD$25)

The Dickens Newsletter, founded in 1982, is published monthly except in January. It is completely funded by the bequest of Ormond Butler.
We encourage subscribers to request the online version available as a Portable Document Format filewhich has many advantages over the, also free, printed edition.

The Membership period is 1st September to 31st August the following year.

Any enquiries can be directed to The Secretary at