Syllabus of Meetings 2021

Members of the Melbourne Dickens Fellowship hold regular meetings at The Faichney Room

Toorak Uniting Church, 603 Toorak Rd, Toorak, Victoria starting 7:30pm for 7:45pm
We welcome visitors. Please just come along & announce yourself. (Map)

If you have any questions or are interested in joining, please CONTACT US

Upcoming presentations and speakers are also listed on the front page of this website.




Event / Presentation

Friday February 12th

The Dickens 209th Birthday Commemoration Dinner: Guest Speaker: Cenarth Fox.

6:30pm for 7:00pm, University House, University of Melbourne

Wednesday March 17th

Introduction to A Tale of Two Cities: Elisabeth Neales

In this introduction to A Tale of Two Cities, Elisabeth Neales will outline the plot and introduce the main characters.
Short readings by members of the Fellowship will remind those who have not read the novel recently and introduce it to those who have never read it.

Wednesday April 21st

(1) Class, Costume and Revolution: Elna Estcourt

(2) Revenge of the Tricoteuses: Veronica Delafosse

(1) In A Tale of Two Cities Dickens wrote: “Dress was the one unfailing talisman and charm used for keeping all things in their places”. In the 18th Century France led the rest of Europe in trends and dress. Class and fashion were inextricably linked, but, with the Revolution came the breakdown of Class. Fashion was part of the fallout – or was it just a new beginning?
(2) How the machinations of a previous generation of Evrémondes make Therese Defarge and her knitting women seek retribution.

Wednesday May 19th

The Stink of Two Cities: Brian Ruck


Wednesday June 16th

Hidden Personalities: Characters in Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities: Alan Dilnot

Meeting was on Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Wednesday July 21st

The President’s Night: Gilbert and Dickens (with apologies to Sullivan): Frances Hutson

Meeting was on Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Wednesday August 18th

(1) Dickens and Some of his Murderers: Alan Dilnot

(2) Nominations for Office Bearers and Committee


Wednesday September 15th

(1) Annual General Meeting and Elections

(2) Dickens and the Spectrum: a Look at Autism in the Dickensian era: Jessie Aiton


Wednesday October 20th

Dickens’s Relationship with France: Patricia Wiltshire

An exploration of ‘French’ life and culture, as experienced by the author of A Tale of Two Cities.

Wednesday November 17th

Did Dickens get his History Right?: Elisabeth Neales


Wednesday December 15th

Christmas Party (for Members)

Traditional Readings, Quiz, Singing, and Supper (under current COVID-19 restrictions).